MEElectronics CC51/CC51P User Manual

Product Manual - CC51 / CC51P
Thank you for your purchase of MEE earphones which give you the Ultimate Sound in Style!
NOTE: Removing the shirt clip can cause damage to the cable; please use extreme caution when removing the cable clip, if necessary. It is advised to bend the plastic lip of the clip before attempting to remove.
Warning: Do not use headphones at high volumes for extended periods of time. Doing so will result in permanent hearing damage. It is advised you keep volume levels moderate to low at all times for your safety. Please visit for more info. Do not use while driving a car, cycling, or operating machinery, or other activities that require hearing surrounding sounds.

Safety Tips: It is advised to turn the volume on your music player all the way down before connecting your headphones. After the headphone is connected and in your ears properly, gradually increase the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. In-ear headphones have passive noise isolation, reducing outside noises and therefore can be played at lower volumes even in noisy environments. We strongly recommend you do not play the headphone at loud volumes.

Caution: Always make sure ear tips are installed completely on the earphone nozzle to avoid an ear tips coming off in your ear. Frequent cleaning of the outer portion of the nozzle and the ear tips, including inside the stalk, will help keep them in place. Cleaning the CC51:
- Gently remove the ear tips from your CC51
- Take a cotton swab that is either dry, or has a small amount of rubbing alcohol on it
- Swab around the nozzle of the CC51, but not the inside of the nozzle
- Swab the ear tip including the inside of the stalk
- Wait for the rubbing alcohol to completely dry
- Insert the tips back on the CC51, making sure they are on securely
Installing/Removal of Ear Tips:
First Use: In-ear headphones require a proper seal of the ear tips in your ears as well as proper insertion angle and insertion depth. Achieving a seal, which is when ear tips form a complete seal with the ear canal, is required to hear the proper amount of bass. Different ear tips will give you different levels of a seal which can result in more or less bass than other ear tips. Please try all the tips to determine what tips are best for each ear. Insertion angle and depth will also affect sound and which tips can will fit you best. Insertion angle and depth can affect the treble response and can change the seal, resulting in different sound balances. While these changes can be minor, finding the right tips, insertion depth, and insertion angle can lead to the maximum enjoyment.
Inserting Your In-Ear Headphone: Right and left channels are marked with a R for Right and L for Left on each ear piece strain relief.
1. Make sure the ear tip is securely on the housing. You might want to moisten they ear tip for easier insertion.
2. Hold the housing of the earphone with the same hand as the channel (i.e. hold the right channel with your right hand)
3. With your opposite hand, pull your ear up and back (i.e. left hand pulling up right ear)
4. Gently insert the housing, ear tip first, into your ear canal so you achieve a seal. Do not insert the earphone deep enough so you feel discomfort or get a plugged feeling in your ear.
4.a. If you feel like you do not have a good seal after you release the hold on your ear, you can gently wiggle the housing a little deeper to achieve a seal.
5. Repeat for the opposite ear.

The CC51 has been designed to be worn with the cable down, however, it can also be worn with the cable over the ear. Wearing the CC51 with the cable over the ear will allow different insertion angles and depths, reduce/eliminate any cable noise you may experience, and result in a more secure fit.
Included Ear Tips: Standard silicon (S/M/L), medium installed: One of the three sizes of standard tips will fit the best for the majority of users. Please try all three sizes to see what fits you best. Bi-flange: The bi-flange ear tips fit a wide range of ear sizes with comfort. This tip might result in a better seal for some and possibly more comfort and might provide more bass impact. This tip fits tightly and does not have a natural stopping point for insertion. This ear tip should be installed to the end of the metal on the tip and no further.
Use While Traveling with Altitude Changes (Airplane / Car / Train / etc.): During large, rapid changes in altitude you will experience pressure changes within your ear canal which will affect the sound of your headphones. It is recommended that you break the seal when you feel increased pressure due to altitude changes to maintain the best sound quality.

Use While Exercise: The CC51 may be used for exercise and wearing the headphone with the cable over-the-ear will keep it more secure. Some tips for use of in-ear earphones while working out:
- Your inner ear doe not sweat, so unless you remove and reinsert your earphones during your exercising, there is no risk of getting sweat in the driver.
- If you must remove and re-insert your earphones, please try to dry your ear area first to avoid swear getting in your earphone
- Please do not use earphones when performing exercise that requires you to hear your surroundings, such as cycling or running outdoors.

Cable Shirt Clip Use: The CC51 comes with a shirt clip which you can attach to the cable. The shirt clip can help keep the cable from getting in the way during activities, to reduce microphonics, and to hold the cable where you want it. Give it a try and see how it can help you enjoy your MEE experience!

Cable Slider Use: The CC51 comes with a cable slider above the Y split in the cable. The slider can effectively shorten the length of the cable after the Y split for use behind the back or when you want a shorter cable during activities. The cable slider can also be slid toward the earphones to reduce tangling during storage.
Care and Storage:
- The CC51 has a very durable ceramic housing that is difficult to mark and easy to clean. You can use a soft dry or damp cloth for cleaning, if necessary.
- The included case is ideal for storing the CC51 when not in use and will protect the headphone during transport or storage.
- Do not expose your headphone to liquids, as exposure to liquid may cause permanent damage to the drivers.
- Do not wrap the cable tightly around a music player or anything else as it may eventually lead to cable failure.
- Always remove the earphones from your ears by the housing, not by the cables.
- Always remove the plug from your player by the base of the plug, closest to the jack it is plugged into.
Microphone and Remote Functionality (P version only): The inline microphone will work for hands free phone calls. The remote button will function to answer calls, play/pause audio, and skip tracks when used with certain devices and programs. Please go to for a complete functionality and compatibility list.

Burn in: Burn in is the process of the driver settling in after manufacture, which will slightly change the sound for the better. Burn in is not necessary as the changes will slowly take place during use. If you would like to expedite the burn in process, you can play music at moderate volume (not too loud or you may damage the drivers) for several days when not in normal use.

Problem Troubleshooting
No sound coming from your headphone Check that the headphone is plugged in, audio is playing, volume is at the appropriate level, and the device has not been muted. Check another known working headphone to verify the issue.
One channel has no sound Check to make sure your headphone plug is inserted all the way in the jack of the connected device. Check to see if the balance has been changed. Try a different audio stream or file.
Lack of bass Try re-inserting the headphones or insert the headphones deeper. Try larger ear tips.
Hollow sound (P version only) Make sure you are using a compatible device. Make sure the plug is inserted completely in the jack of the device. Devices may have tight jacks and require more force for the first insertion.
Warranty: The CC51 comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Please visit for more information.
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