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Born out of a passion for music, MEElectronics has a goal of delivering Musical Enjoyment to Everyone. We started out in 2005, making MP3 players with a desire to bring our customers exceptional sound quality at affordable prices. However, the sound quality of any player is dependent on the earphones used, so we developed our own. In 2010, we shifted our focus to earphones that provide durability, style, and exceptional sound quality. Our current lineup of headphones and earphones has won acclaim from audio enthusiasts and reviewers worldwide, but that hasn't stopped us from continually refining our lineup and developing new products; we won't bring anything to market if it doesn't meet our high standards!

MEE isn't just about making great products, however - our earphones and headphones are also backed by industry-leading customer service. Feedback from our customers is always appreciated so please contact us with any questions, comments, or issues - we will take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. MEElectronics has grown at an amazing pace thanks to you, the customer, and the absolute greatest compliment we can receive is an online review and/or a referral to your family, friends, or colleagues. Try MEElectronics today and find out why we have so many loyal customers!

Everything you wanted to know about
MEElectronics but were afraid to ask:

Q. What do you do and why?
A. MEElectronics manufactures earphones, earbuds, headphones, and audio accessories. We do it because we want to provide products that sound great and improve the music experience for our customers. Receiving positive feedback from our customers is what motivates us to continue making superior products!  

Q. How did you get your start?
A. MEElectronics is a brand created by S2E Inc. S2E Inc. started selling memory on ebay in 2005 and quickly added other products including cases, iPods, Sandisk products, and TVs. After releasing several media players under the MEElectronics brand, we realized that the earphones made a huge difference to the sound quality and that ours sounded very good, especially when compared with most stock earbuds. Finally, in 2010, a concerted effort was made to bring great sounding, affordable earphones to the market and MEElectronics, as it is today, was born.  

Q. How did the name MEElectronics come about?
A. The MEElectronics name was created because we were thinking, "if it were me, what would I want to buy and listen to?" When we developed our very first earphone lineup, we immediately knew that we would choose those over stock earbuds any day. We still feel that our products are designed for me - and hope you feel the same way! 

Q. How do you decide what products you bring out?
A. We start by looking at a product category and seeing what the competition has to offer. Then, we design a product to offer better performance and accessories for the price. We use our prototypes ourselves in their every iteration. Once we feel we have a winning product, we bring it out!  

Q. Why is your customer service experience better than other companies?
A. Customers mean everything to us. We try to always respond quickly, and while can't please everyone, we do our best to offer a fair resolution to any issues. The customer service reps have the autonomy be creative with customer inquiries and warranty claims and we provide personal responses to each and every customer inquiry. 

Q. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
A. In the ever changing world of consumer electronics we see ourselves evolving with the market, increasing our Bluetooth wireless offerings, and continuing to offer amazing-sounding earphones and headphone at great prices.

Musical Enjoyment for Everyone
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