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Clarity Series in-ear headphones - stylish looks with clear, dynamic sound

Do you want to hear all the details in your music with crystal clarity while still retaining an enjoyable sound, look no further than the Clarity Series in-ear headphones by MEElectronics. The clarity series sound signature has it all, a little bump in the bass that most people enjoy, clean, clear mids that have a liquid presentation, and extended, detailed treble that recreates not just the music, but the event! Enjoy your music like never before at sub-$100 price points!

Clarity Series In-Ear Headphones (Earphones)
CC51 ceramic earphone: ceramic is acoustically inert, durable, and has an amazing look and feel to go along with the amazing sound. If you are looking for natural, pleasant sound with a little extra boost in the bass to go along with very natural tone and timbre, look no further!
  • Acoustically inert ceramic housing has no resonance in the audio frequencies resulting in a very natural sound.
  • Just the right amount of bass is not too much, yet not lacking, translating well for all genres of music
  • White gives you the apple look and black the look of expensive ceramic watches with a very nice finish and feel
  • CW31 wooden earphone: If you must have resonance in your housing, wood resonates in a very natural and pleasing way, giving the CW31 great tone and timbre for reproducing natural instruments.
  • Wooden housing looks great and helps recreate sound that is even better, with a very natural presentation
  • Slightly warm sound with great clarity for an exceptional overall presentation that is enjoyable for hours on end
  • CX21 earphone the entry level in our clarity series has a much more balanced sound with an analytical edge that usually is only available in much more expensive earphones. This is a great entry level earphone for audiophiles.
  • Great clarity with a neutral presentation
  • Neutral bass is not lacking but not dominant
  • Angled shell for comfort with the cable down or over-the-ear
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