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MEElectronics Talented Artist: William Robertson Biography

William Robertson's favorite IEMs are the MEElectronics A151P : "The A151P are great in-ear headphones for live performances. Simply because it gives you enough bass to hear the bass player, enough mid to hear the guitars and the vocals sitting well in the mix. And the high-mid and high frequencies are pronounced but enough smooth to not getting your ears tired and bleeding after 30 minutes of concert. And last, but not least, these headphones stand well in your ears so you can bang your head as much as you want without worrying about seeing your headphones falling down on your shoes."

William Robertson is a young, passionate, French guitarist and music composer.

William has already composed music for American TV ads, short animated movie, graphic student thesis, French companies's web ads and some other audio-visual projects. He is also a guitarist for several bands in his country (from hard rock to funk) and has already been called to be a session guitarist for the recording of a jazz fusion album. Thanks to that, William also had the possibilities to start sponsoring contracts for guitar gear (guitar amps, effect pedals etc...)

William Robertson is proudly endorsed by MEElectronics.

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