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MEElectronics Talented Artist: Italo Rossi Biography

Italo "el teba" Rossi is an independent drummer and percussionist.

Since he was a child, Italo recognized his passion for music; especially for percussion instruments, timbales and drums. With the guidance of mentors like Bruno Gonzales, Italo began building his rhythmic foundation, gathering musical influences from drummers like Alvaro Lopez, Arturo Alvarez, Akira Jimbo, Sony Emory and bands like Linkin Park, Iron maiden, The Police, Aerosmith, etc. Currently Italo is touring with EVOLUCION K-DESH, Fuera de Orbita and Dayron Martin, as well as participating in the Impacto Latino orchestra and The Banana Orchestra, and more.

MEElectronics is proud to support Italo Rossi.

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