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MEElectronics is proud to support The Browning

Statement from the Browning about MEElectronics:

"I have almost literally tried every single in-ear, ear-bud, and headphone on the market. MEElectronics is the first company to get it right! Their products sound amazing and they don't fall out of my ear when I'm on stage performing, thrashing around like a mad man!
I would recommend MEElectronics to any band or musician out there!"
- Noah "Shark" Robertson, drummer for The Browning

The Browning is a metal and electronica band.

The Browning is comprised of veterans from the Dallas, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri music scenes. The group is known for fusing deathcore, hardcore, and other various elements of metal with heavy electronic influences including hardstyle, techno, and trance. The band has been labelled everything from deathtronica, cybergrind, and electrocore to trancecore, ravecore, and technocore, however one thing remains certain; The Browning appeals to a broad spectrum of music fans from all walks of life.

Featuring Jonny McBee as vocals and electronics, Collin Woroniak on guitar, Cody Stewart on drums, and Drew Ellis on bass.

Burn This World - 2012
Time Will Tell (EP) - 2011
Standing on the Edge (EP) - 2010

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