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Statements from the Sloppy Stylez Krew about MEElectronics:

"These don't fall out when I do powermoves, and have good bass." - Bboy teo
"I like how they bend with my ear." - Phirom
"Awesome! They come with a case and with like 10 different size inserts!- Steven

Sloppy Stylez Krew is a bboy dance crew.

The Sloppy Stylez Krew was formed in 2008 when more experienced dancers commented that the crew was sloppy. Motivated by their criticism, the crew decided to embrace the name but practiced hard to rise up and overcome the criticism. Two years later they met the same dancers, who were shocked to see that the Sloppy Stylez Krew had surpassed them in skill. Today SSK is continuing to train hard to surpass their limits. They have learned that we all start off with nothing, but if we are willing to put in our mind, body, and soul into something we love, we can all become something.

MEElectronics is proud to share the Sloppy Stylez Krew story of persistence and triumph. Their MEElectronics products of preference are the M6 Sports IEMs.

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