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Michael's statement about MEElectronics:
"It is an art form and MEElectronics has perfected it. I can tell you that I will be using the M6's on stage and the A151 for everything else. With the M6's, I can hear everything perfectly, but I can also hear a little bit of "outside" sounds (on stage, this will be my drums, monitors, etc.) which is good for me as a drummer because I am only plugged into my metronome and need to hear what I am playing, as well as the rest of the band in the monitors. The A151's are the ultimate in sound isolation. I am listening to music in them right now and hear everything perfectly, and the volume is on half. Additionally, I can't hear anything going on around me. No people's conversations or anything, which is exactly what I want when I'm exercising, flying, listening to music, etc. I am so glad that I found out about MEElectronics and I will be exclusively using this brand on stage and everywhere else. You won't see me using another product."

Michael McManus is the drummer for the band, Saving Abel.

From a very early age, Michael McManus has always known he wanted to be a professional drummer. By the age of 25, Michael had already worked with GRAMMY-winning artists and producers in studios in Memphis, Nashville and Burbank, drumming on major label albums, touring across the nation and performing on television multiple times, etc. In 2010, Michael officially joined the rock band, 12 Stones. The band recently finished their newest album Only Human due out in 2012. Their single "Bulletproof" is out now, and is currently number one on the CMW Christian Rock Chart.

Michael is proudly endorsed by MEElectronics and his MEElectronics products of preference are the M6 Sports IEM and the A151 Balanced Armature Earphones.

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