MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 Challenge: Try the Sport-Fi S6 for free and get a chance to win the new iPad

The video responses are in! Watch, like and comment on the your favorite videos!
MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 sports earphone challenge - get free headphones
we want to know how the Sport-Fi S6 performs in your workout routine
To get your competitive juices flowing even more,
MEElectronics will be giving away prizes for the best videos,
The New iPad!
We are so confident that the Sport-Fi S6 is the best sports earphone package out there, we are giving up to 100 of them away in exchange for documenting your experience. Why do we think the MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 is the ultimate workout companion? It offers more benefits than competing products including:

  • Locked-in fit and exceptional comfort due to the memory wire technology
  • Sweat resistance for added durability, providing an extended product life
  • Dynamic sound with enhanced bass that will keep you motivated and focused
  • The ability to choose the cable length that is best for you with the modular cable system
  • Perfect fit for your ears with 6 types of ear tips included
  • Tangle resistant designer cable with shirt clip and cable slider for improved cable management
  • Conveniently bring your phone, keys, or ID, etc. with you during your workout in the stretchable, durable, and washable universal armband
  • Carry the S6, accessories, and even your phone in the large carrying case
  • Never lose track of your carrying case once you attach it to your backpack, bag, belt loop, or anywhere with the included carabiner

  1. Read the full contest rules.
  2. Fill out the form below to enter the contest before August 31st, 2012. Participants will be selected based on the information provided in the entry form, so please include everything you want us to know. Entrants who are selected will be informed by email within 2 weeks of submission.
  3. Fill out and return the release form along with a copy of a valid government issued photo ID. Once we receive your release and ID we will ship you a free Sport-Fi S6.
  4. Make a video of your story or other interesting, creative story (click on the links for examples). Please show some footage of the Sport-Fi S6 in action and explain why it works for you. Also, have some photos taken of you in action while with the Sport-Fi S6.
  5. Subscribe to the MEElec YouTube channel and post your video as a video response to our Sport-Fi Challenge video on YouTube within two weeks of receiving the Sport-Fi S6.
  6. Email your photo(s) to MEElectronics and/or post them on Facebook and tag us.

*** Improve your chances to win with more views, likes, and comments on your video, as prize winners will be determined, in part, by the popularity of the videos. See more below in the Q&A section *** 

Check out the videos so far here.

MEElectronics will select contest winners and award the prizes by September 30th.

Zip Code:

What activities will you use the Sport-Fi S6 for?

What interests you most about the Sport-Fi S6?

What headphones are you currently using for these activities? (none is OK)

Everybody has a story. Please let us know the story you will be sharing in your video and how you envision the Sport-Fi S6 fitting in your workout routine.

Where did you find out about the MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 Challenge?

I have read and understood the contest rules

Please enter the following code into the box provided:
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Q. How does the giveaway work?
A. Fill out and submit the form below by August 31st, 2012. MEElectronics will select Sport-Fi S6 recipients based off the information submitted in the form. The recipients will provide their video story of how the Sport-Fi S6 works for them as well as provide at least one photo of the Sport-Fi S6 in use within 2 weeks of receipt of the Sport-Fi S6.

Q. Is there a prize?
A. Yes, in addition to the free Sport-Fi S6 we will award prizes to the top three videos at the end of the Sport-Fi Challenge as follows:
1st place: The new iPad 16 GB WiFi
2nd place: Your choice of either the AF32 Bluetooth headphone or the A161P reference in-ear monitor
3rd place: A $50 gift certificate for

Q. How will my video be judged/how can I improve my chances to win one of the prizes?
A. Entries will be judged two ways. First, we will watch the videos and select the most compelling stories. They can be funny, serious, or any style you choose, but the more compelling it is, the better your chances. Second, we will rely on public opinion to help us determine the winners. The more people that watch, like, and comment (positively) on the video will increase your chances of winning.

Q. Is previous review experience required?
A. No, we are looking for everyday people that work out and can benefit from the Sport-Fi S6.

Q. Do I need a special video camera?
A. No, a smartphone camera such as an iPhone or Android phone is fine. We value creativity over quality, but both is appreciated!

Q. What format should my videos be in?
A. Since the video will be uploaded to YouTube, any format supported by YouTube is fine.

Q. How long should my video be?
A. One and a half minutes is ideal and between 1 and 3 minutes is great, however, if you need additional time to tell your story or can make a clear and concise video that is shorter, that is OK also.

Q. Where do I get music for my video?
A. You shouldn't use music without permission, so there are some sites where you can find some great music to use with a creative commons license or for free. There are some good tracks at the following sites:
Creative Commons website
Sound Cloud website
Royalty Free Music website
Free Play Music website

Q. How do I submit my video?
A. 1) Log into your YouTube account
    2) Go to the Sport-Fi Challenge video
    3) Click within the comment box
    4) The following link will appear below the comment box "Create a video response" Click the link
    5) If your video is already uploaded, select from the list of videos and click the "Use the selected video" button
        If your video has not been uploaded, select the Upload a Video tab, click the Start button and follow the instructions

Q. What will happen to my submitted video and images?
A. Video and images may be used in promotions, on our website, other marketing, and possibly even product packaging! We may use parts of the videos in other videos.

Q. If I submit multiple videos, will they be considered prize entries?
A. Yes, you can submit multiple videos, but the contest is limited to one prize per person. If you submit more than one video, we will consider the best video submitted.

Q. Is the Sport-Fi S6 mine to keep?
A. Yes, once you submit your video the Sport-Fi S6 is yours to keep!
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